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Terms & Conditions

Contact us:

Contact us through e-mail, our Facebook page, the hotline shown on the homepage or through the "Contact Us" link on the website. You will be notified of any updates about the service through our social networking page on Facebook or by e-mail.

Subscription and registration:

    AMERICAN SHOP has the right to request a copy of the customer's ID card when required.

    The customer must register his name as shown on the ID card to avoid any problems with customs in the process of customs clearance.

    Once we have requested the ID image, the customer must attach the ID image to his or her own account on our website to avoid any delay.

    If you do not attach the photo ID AMERICAN SHOP is not responsible for any delay.

    The ID card must be valid.

    The customer is allowed to register only one account and AMERICAN SHOP has the right to suspend any multiple accounts for one customer.

    The customer is allowed to register only one account and AMERICAN SHOP has the right to suspend any multiple accounts for one customer.

Upon request:

    Customer is fully responsible for confirming the specifications of the product mentioned on the seller's page to ensure that the order is in compliance with the said product. ( FOR example ensuring that the electrical current of the product is matched with your country's electricity).

    AMERICAN SHOP guarantees that the product is connected in the same condition as on the seller's page.

    Please note that any prices reported to you through our Facebook page are approximate.

    The customer must clarify all the special specifications of the required item in the order as indicated on the seller's page. (Color, size, model) to avoid delays in the review process.

    AMERICAN SHOP is responsible for connecting the products with the same specifications as you have indicated upon request.

    The maximum items that can be added to the shopping cart per application is 30.

    Customer cannot use more than one offer / coupon per order. No offer or coupon can be exchanged for cash and coupons valid for one use at a time.

Review and purchase:

    The quantities that can be purchased through us are subject to change according to the changes of the Customs Authority and the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The internal shipping charges are determined by the seller and are not mandatory for AMERICAN SHOP.

    If you require spare parts for cars or motorcycles, you may need to provide a valid driver's license.

    Prices to be reported to the customer after the review process is not final, so it does not include international shipping charges.

    The customer has the right to cancel the order before the payment process, but the cancellation may not be allowed after the payment process, based on the purchase process is not allowed to cancel the request once purchased.

    If the final cost of the order is selected, it cannot be re-weighed when our office in Saudi Arabia arrives.

    AMERICAN SHOP does not guarantee delivery of gifts / samples sent by the seller with your request.

    Your order will be reviewed within a business day and the purchase will be made within two working days of the date when the order is ready for purchase.

Shipping, Clearance and Storage:

    AMERICAN SHOP is not responsible for any delay on the part of the seller as the time specified for the receipt of the product (8-21 working days) begins from the date of arrival of the product to the United States.

    International shipping charges are calculated as soon as the order arrives in Saudi Arabia and weighs.

    The weight mentioned on the seller's page is approximate and may not be correct.

    Some groups may face (cosmetics, make-up, mobile phones, tablets, food supplements, Bluetooth devices and wireless) delay during customs clearance process may exceed the specified period.

    AMERICAN SHOP is not responsible for loss, damage, and delay or customs clearance of any prohibited products or even refunding them. In this case, the customer will be fully responsible for them (as weapons and others).

    Your order will be stored for free for a maximum of 20 days from the date of arrival of the application to our office in Saudi Arabia and any request not received during this period will be disposed of and the company will not be held liable.

    Some products may reach us open / unfilled due to the process of inspection and customs clearance. In this case, the customer will not have the right to return or refund the product.


    The sizes shown in the general sizes tables are approximate and do not necessarily match the measurements of the product itself.

    Measurements for Chinese clothing may not match the standard measurements. If the product is in conformity with the Chinese measurements shown and not for normal measurements, it will not be canceled by AMERICAN SHOP.